Alexandre Villares

How to install o Processing Python Mode

[Portuguese-language version]

Processing is a Free and Open Source (FLOSS) programming platform started in 2001 by Casey Reas e Ben Fry, widely used by artists and to teach coding in a visual context. The Processing IDE is a text editor for code that can quickly execute your programs, called sketches.

Standard Processing is Java based and two other projects supported by the Processing Foundation are:

Both can be added to the traditional IDE. So let’s finaly see how to install o Processing Python Mode.

Visit downloads at the Processing site (, and choose your OS.


There is no installer, you just unzip/extract a folder. This is how it looks on Windows:


On Mac OS it’s almos the same, and on Linux, you can fire a Terminal window on your folder ant type ./processing

Lançado o IDE do Processing, procure no menu de modos o item Add mode…


Peça para instalar o modo Python [Se esta etapa falhar, veja as observações mais abaixo].



Obs: If you are under some restrictive proxy our without Internet acess you can manually download and manualy copy it (on Windows & Mac OS) under Documentos > Processing > modes > PythonMode. On Linux, under your sketchbook folder.

PS: How about a sketch to test it?


Alexandre B A Villares (, CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License